Hero K9 is dedicated to the protection of First Responder K9s in the public safety community, including law enforcement agencies, search and rescue organizations and fire departments. First Responder K9s put everything on the line for their handler and their community. Our mission is to provide them with equipment to keep them safe and ready to serve the cities, counties, and states within the United States.

Founded to resolve challenges faced by public safety agencies throughout our nation, Hero K9 provides funds for K9s, training, and equipment, to empower these agencies to make a positive difference in communities across the United States of America. While K9s are generally considered a specialty unit, their service to our neighborhoods is irreplaceable. K9s locate lost children, aid in arson detection, find and apprehend criminals in unexpected hiding places. These working dogs sniff out illicit substances… and protect their handlers, fellow officers, and their communities.

Our purpose is K9s. They are the reason we exist. Our mission is how we support our communities and make a difference… whether it’s right next door or all the way across the nation, each and every day. We can only achieve our mission with the generosity and support of the public.

Together, we make an important difference in our nation and serve those who protect us.

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