K9 Bear – Eveleth MN Police Department

K9 Bear is in need of an in-squad kennel and a door pop + heat alarm system. Donate today to make this grant possible!
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K9 Bear is a 5-year-old German Shepherd certified in Patrol, Tracking/Trailing, and Narcotics. He is partnered with Sgt. Brandon Elias of the Eveleth MN Police Department. Bear is from the Czech Republic and has been on the road for over 2 years. He has had several tracks and has located 3 people along with several articles that proved who the person fleeing was. K9 Bear has also had numerous narcotics sniffs which have resulted in the location of controlled substances. Bear is a high drive work dog; however, if you give him a toy, he becomes the king of tug-of-war. He is also an attention hound at home with the family. If he doesn’t get enough petting, he will make sure to get their attention usually by a light nibble on the rear.

Here’s how this equipment both helps Bear and Ofc. Elias on the job:

An in-squad kennel allows the K9 to be safely transported when on the job! It fits securely into the rear seat of the squad and provides roll-cage level protection while a K9 is at work, on the road, and away from home.

The door pop allows the K9 handler officer to remotely unlatch the door so their K9 may exit the squad car and come to their aid, should a call for service take a turn for the more dangerous; while, the heat alarm system monitors the interior air temperature of the squad car and sets off the sirens, lights, alarms, and rolls down the windows of the car to help ensure that a K9 doesn’t suffer from heat trauma if the temperature rises into a dangerous threshold.





NOTE: The funds collected as part of this fundraiser will be allocated to the agency’s Equipment Grant Application with Hero K9 for their K9. Should the application status change and/or if donations received are in excess of the goal amount, donations will be directed to the organization’s general fund to provide additional equipment grants and cover operational costs and/or other business-related expenses.